Sugar Addict

Are you a sugar addict? I always knew that I loved sugar, and that I have a hard time controlling the amount I eat once I start eating it. I didn’t have a full realization of my addiction until I went on a fast.

It almost scared me how bad the cravings were, and how my body kept telling me how badly it needed sugar.

When I started researching they why’s, I found out that people who are addicted to sugar are experiencing the same effects that a drug use experiences.

When we eat, dopamine, a pleasure hormone is released that wants us to go back to that same activity. it’s the exact same hormone released when we feel “in love”.

The problem is that sugar and other highly processed foods make dopamine release at extremely high levels, so much so that the addiction can be as strong as illegal drugs. Scientists have done studies to prove that the brain lights up when it is subjected to sugar in the same ways it lights up when the person has used drugs. The same brain pathways are activated.

In the same way that drug users need more and more drugs to satisfy them, so sugar addicts need more and more sugar to satisfy their desires. This happens because as the body is exposed to more and more of the addictive substance, it becomes tolerant, and reduces the number of dopamine receptors. With fewer receptors, a larger dose is needed to reach the same effect.

If you doubt the addictive nature of sugar or junk foods, try quitting cold turkey. Your addiction will manifest itself as cravings! This happened to me recently when I changed my diet completely. I was actually shocked at how badly I wanted sugar, and even felt physically ill to the point that even with my strong will power, I grudgingly allowed myself a cookie or two.

There’s no way to really scientifically measure your addiction to sugar or junk foods, but doctors have begun using drug treatment medications for food addictions! If that doesn’t put a little bit of concern into your heart for what our SAD (Standard American Diet — which is indeed SAD!!) has done to us, I’m not sure what will.

I was actually able to come to the place where I said no altogether to processed sugar and junk, and you can too. Sometimes just grabbing a wonderful juicy peach or ¬†your favorite fruit is a great way to quench those desires. Just not having junk near you helps, but a lot of times that’s pretty much impossible. I’ve found that drinking water with Stur, a natural flavoring with stevia, helps my cravings a lot. It feels like I’m having a treat, but I’m not putting poison in my body.

What tricks have you used to end your sugar addiction?




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