Small Goals

Hey! Just checking in to see how you’re doing, and maybe give you a little “kick in the pants” :). I need some encouragement every once in a while, and I’m betting you do too!

Health goals, just like any goal in life, can be overwhelming at times. If you feel bad all the time, are low in energy, or have a lot of weight to lose, just looking at the end goal can be so daunting.

I would encourage you to break any goal you have into small bits.

For instance, if you have 50+ lbs. to lose or even 5, why not break things down into just enough to handle for this week, or maybe just even TODAY. Seriously, days turn into weeks so fast, that focusing on just today might be enough. Could you exercise for 15 minutes today, or cut out one bad meal for a good one? Drink more water? Sure you could! I’m here to cheer you all the way!

I try to make my goals super simple as well. Instead of having a major carb-laden snack like chips or crackers (that usually end up making me feel nauseated later anyway), I go to the fridge and get some celery and almond butter. Do I really want that as a snack in place of the carbs? Nope. But once I get it ready and start munching, it actually tastes awesome!

I promise you that the little changes add up fast, but doing nothing won’t get you anywhere at all!

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