My Personal Struggles

Papillary thyroid carcinoma total thyroidectomy
1 day after TT!

You can live your best life even through real life struggles. How do I know? Well in January of this year, I was faced with the possibility of having cancer. Me? I’ve lived so healthfully for quite a while now, trying to do the best job I can at taking care of myself, and not having any symptoms of ill health that I was aware of.

Still, when I went to my doctor in January for a yearly checkup, he noticed that my neck didn’t look right. After feeling around a bit, he said that I had a thyroid nodule, and that it should be biopsied. But, in his opinion, he said that usually they are only cancerous in 1-2% of cases.

Am I the lucky little Irish girl or what??? After an ultrasound and some dubious results that looked more bad than good, and after waiting two months to get into an endocrinologist for a biopsy, I got the results on May 30th: Papillary Thyroid Cancer.

Now you must know that papillary thyroid cancer is a slow growing cancer, and thyroid cancer in general has a high cure rate, but removing the thyroid can send a person into a tailspin since that tiny little organ controls a lot of how we live our life — energy, whether we feel healthy, heart rate, metabolism….a big bunch of everything that makes us feel as if we are a healthy person or not.

As in any shocking news, there’s a bit of emotional upheaval, lots of research, trying to talk to others who have a similar story, finding out what to expect, and if you’re me, balking against everything the establishment says if you know there might be a better way 🙂

I did a thorough body cleanse and radical diet change from February to March, so I felt that I had given things a fair chance to change. The hard part to deal with was all the advice to cure the cancer naturally. I’m a HUGE proponent of doing everything naturally, but as you know, sometimes you need some radical medical help, and with the advice of my naturopathic doctor, lots of prayer and seeking as much wise counsel as possible, I went ahead and had a total thyroidectomy on May 18th.

The final pathology report came back with 2 large cancerous nodules on each side of my thyroid that had escaped the thyroid capsule a bit and aso infected at least one lymph node. I’m very sure that I did the right thing, and am well on my way to recovery now 13 days post-surgery!

I will update as I can on my progress. Except for the tiredness from surgery and having to adjust to thyroid medication, my moods are stable, I believe I’ve found a very good endocrinologist that actually listens to his patients, and I’m on NDT (natural dessicated thyroid hormones — I’ll explain why I fought for this in a later post). This is a new journey for me, but as I look at other survivor’s stories, I can see that life can be a big struggle for many who do not have the help that I have. My naturopathic doctor has assured me that I can do well, and I do feel that the nutritional help he has given me, along with having a great endocrinologist, and having great resources to point me in the right direction from the very beginning are an instrumental part in why I’ve felt so well in not even 2 weeks from my surgery.

Don’t let your struggles discourage you from living a healthy life! Grab your cape, and be super!!! 🙂

Superwoman -- a few minutes before surgery :)
Superwoman — a few minutes before surgery 🙂


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