Beauty Is A Lot More Than Skin Deep

So many people today are struggling with acne, rosacea, dry skin, and more. The first thing a dermatologist will do is find a prescription lotion or pill to take to improve the look of the skin.

After working with my naturopathic doctor on nutrition, I’ve found out that it’s not what we put ON our bodies that affects the appearance of the skin long term, it’s definitely what we are or aren’t putting IN our bodies.

Most Americans are highly affected by stress, both from diet, physical, and emotional stress. Our adrenals were built to take on all that stress, but when it gets to be too much to handle, we experience adrenal fatigue.

From that point, our bodies won’t work as optimally as they should. For example, the adrenals control how much acid our stomach makes. Contrary to what the medical doctors believe, acid reflux is often a lack of stomach acid. The food sits there and decomposes, instead of being digested and moved through the colon as it should. When we eat more food, the decomposing food is sitting there in the way, and the stomach acid that is trying to digest the new food gets pushed up into the esophagus. Gross, right? And very uncomfortable and painful! Long term, it causes damage to the esophagus that can result in cancer! Then there are other problems…a lot of people with heartburn and acid reflux are also constipated, because their whole system is sluggish. Nothing is moving…oh boy, what a vicious cycle and downright terrible way to live!

Rosacea is also related to lack of stomach acid. When a person with rosacea begins to support their adrenals and get their colon cleaned out, and maybe even supplements with HCL, the rosacea clears up. I have a friend with rosacea, and she’s slathering on products all the time that have been found to BLEACH the skin! Oh my, how I wish she would address what was happening inside, instead of putting loads of chemicals on the outside.

Another huge problem for teens and some adults is acne. Along with that comes embarrassing scarring. A simple solution is to supply the body with quality Essential Fatty Acids and Zinc. Usually, the solution is to put something topical on the face, which can lead to sensitive skin being burned. As me how I know that??!! Along with my own experience, my own two children are teenagers, and should be covered with zits, but as soon as they start getting zits, my first question to them is, “Are you taking your EA’s and Zinc?” I always get the answer, “No, mom.” As soon as they start taking it, the zits are gone faster than a toupee in the South Dakota winds :P.

If we focus on healing our bodies and providing what they need nutritionally, not only will we feel better, but we will look better too!

Exercise: Too Long, Too Frequent, Too Intense

In recent years, exercise gurus are seeing so many people who exercise for long periods of time, 3-5 times a week, yet there are little to no changes in their bodies. They might lose a tiny bit of weight, but gain it back as they get discouraged with the results and begin to slack off in their training.

Why does this phenomenon happen? The more you exercise and cut calories, the more you’ll lose weight, right?
This, after all, is what has been preached at us for years!

As fitness experts look into why typical training and dieting isn’t working for the majority of people, they’ve found that too much exercise and cutting too many calories is causing a stressed physiology. Most programs ask for a person to exercise for too long, too frequently, and too intensely, and it’s destroying those with even the best of intentions.

The metabolism starts to shut down when a person consumes too few calories, and then add the stress of too much exercise, and you have a very discouraged person on your hands because their weight stays pretty much where it’s been.

What is a person’s natural reaction to not losing enough weight even with lots of exercise and cutting calories? Well, they do even more exercise, and cut calories even more!

The right way to lose weight is to do intense reps of exercise in very short periods of time (15 minutes!!), and no more than 3 times a week. It’s called HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training. While you’re able to exercise with correct form and intensity, you give it all you’ve got, and when you need to rest, you rest, then start back in as soon as you can. Does it work? Oh yes! This is my go-to type of training these days. It creates results quickly, and provides peace of mind knowing that you don’t have to live in the gym the rest of your life.

Small Goals

Hey! Just checking in to see how you’re doing, and maybe give you a little “kick in the pants” :). I need some encouragement every once in a while, and I’m betting you do too!

Health goals, just like any goal in life, can be overwhelming at times. If you feel bad all the time, are low in energy, or have a lot of weight to lose, just looking at the end goal can be so daunting.

I would encourage you to break any goal you have into small bits.

For instance, if you have 50+ lbs. to lose or even 5, why not break things down into just enough to handle for this week, or maybe just even TODAY. Seriously, days turn into weeks so fast, that focusing on just today might be enough. Could you exercise for 15 minutes today, or cut out one bad meal for a good one? Drink more water? Sure you could! I’m here to cheer you all the way!

I try to make my goals super simple as well. Instead of having a major carb-laden snack like chips or crackers (that usually end up making me feel nauseated later anyway), I go to the fridge and get some celery and almond butter. Do I really want that as a snack in place of the carbs? Nope. But once I get it ready and start munching, it actually tastes awesome!

I promise you that the little changes add up fast, but doing nothing won’t get you anywhere at all!

Beci’s Story

Beci has been a friend of mine for a long time. She wanted to share her story with you, and hopefully will be an encouragement on your health journey!

I’m such an advocate of eating healthy as the #1 goal, then adding exercise as you can, especially if your weight has caused mobility issues. These two things will always work, 100% of the time. It might not be the fancy way of doing it, but it will always work when done correctly. So over to Beci….


“Hi, my name is Beci. I’m a 57 year old woman and I’ve struggled with my weight since forever, it seems. About a year ago I developed osteoarthritis (accompanied by high grade cartilage loss) in my knees.

Last October I ventured into the Gastric Bypass venue, thinking it was time. I was 319 then. If GBS is for you or has helped you, more power to you. I personally found all the information overwhelming. Even so, I talked to many friends about it, who had done the surgery.

In the end, several things made up my decision. First and foremost: my family and friends were more con than pro. Secondly, and this may seem silly, but not ever being able to chug water again (and I *love* water) really had me thinking “eh?”. But most importantly, I was told I had to lose 10# to qualify.

When I went back a month later I had lost 19#. I’m no stranger to losing and gaining weight. But this time, with my knees, I knew I needed to not only lose weight but also keep it off.

Losing that 19# was the jump start I really needed. How’d I do it? Funnily enough, exercising is almost out, due to my knees. So I’ve been asked countless times how I lost 50# by sitting on my butt. 🙂

I don’t really always sit. The dishes won’t do themselves. Nor will the laundry. Or the housecleaning. The body is a constant mass of motion. However, I did adopt the 20 Minute Meal ideal. That’s where you take small bites of your food, eat slowly, put your utensils down after every bite, drink lots of water before and during, and stop when you’re feeling satisfied and not full.

What do I eat? I have a limited budget so I’m not eating WW or Jenny Craig-type meals. I’ll have a small bowl of Rice Chex with fresh strawberries, plus a hard boiled egg for breakfast; a chicken/mayo/pickles/diced red grapes in a wrap for lunch; fish, rice and veggies for dinner. Just eat .. but eat only until you’re satisfied. Trust me, you’ll know.

No, don’t deny yourself. Once every six months I’ll treat myself to Caribou.The thing with eating well is that the stomach starts to acclimate itself to those things. When I had Caribou at my six month mark, I barely drank it.. the sweet was upsetting to my stomach. Now, I’m a HUGE fan of sweets. Or I was, before. If I feel a need now, I’ll find something. It’s usually a small bowl of vanilla yogurt and frozen fruit.

A biggie and a must: try to include some protein with every meal. Eat from salad size (8″) plates and not the regular size plates (10″). You’ll eat less.. but you’ll eat more of what’s good food you.

No, I’ve never taken drugs to help me lose weight, whether prescribed or OTC. Forget the doctors or what anyone else says — only YOU know your body and you can’t fight its stubbornness.

I’ve lost 50# … then nothing for two months. I never let it get to me…we all reach plateaus. Just keep doing the good stuff. Sure, I have a scale but I don’t let it consume me. I’ll step on it every couple of days, just for fun.

Don’t get discouraged. You have to love yourself *no matter what*. You are beautiful…always. One day at a time. You can do it! :)”

– Deborah Leaverton


Hi, my name is Deborah Leaverton. I’m a wife and mom, I homeschool my children, teach individual piano lessons, and have been an entrepreneur for the past 9 years.

My parents were always interested in natural health, some of which was fueled by their own health struggles, and even though they never found success for their chronic health problems, it put a desire in me to think that there was that possibility that the body can indeed heal itself when taken care of properly.

I’ve had so many failures as I’ve tried to deal with my own health problems that I’ve faced the past 15 years. My list includes severe fatigue, chronic debhilitating migraines, weight gain, depression, lots of stomach and gallbladder problems, panic attacks, and the list goes on.

For the past year and a half, I’ve had a great amount of success in dealing with my health problems naturally and have been losing weight — and keeping it off too! That really excites me, and I will be sharing my successes and failures with you on this blog. For more details about my journey, please visit my About Me  page.