Beauty Is A Lot More Than Skin Deep

So many people today are struggling with acne, rosacea, dry skin, and more. The first thing a dermatologist will do is find a prescription lotion or pill to take to improve the look of the skin.

After working with my naturopathic doctor on nutrition, I’ve found out that it’s not what we put ON our bodies that affects the appearance of the skin long term, it’s definitely what we are or aren’t putting IN our bodies.

Most Americans are highly affected by stress, both from diet, physical, and emotional stress. Our adrenals were built to take on all that stress, but when it gets to be too much to handle, we experience adrenal fatigue.

From that point, our bodies won’t work as optimally as they should. For example, the adrenals control how much acid our stomach makes. Contrary to what the medical doctors believe, acid reflux is often a lack of stomach acid. The food sits there and decomposes, instead of being digested and moved through the colon as it should. When we eat more food, the decomposing food is sitting there in the way, and the stomach acid that is trying to digest the new food gets pushed up into the esophagus. Gross, right? And very uncomfortable and painful! Long term, it causes damage to the esophagus that can result in cancer! Then there are other problems…a lot of people with heartburn and acid reflux are also constipated, because their whole system is sluggish. Nothing is moving…oh boy, what a vicious cycle and downright terrible way to live!

Rosacea is also related to lack of stomach acid. When a person with rosacea begins to support their adrenals and get their colon cleaned out, and maybe even supplements with HCL, the rosacea clears up. I have a friend with rosacea, and she’s slathering on products all the time that have been found to BLEACH the skin! Oh my, how I wish she would address what was happening inside, instead of putting loads of chemicals on the outside.

Another huge problem for teens and some adults is acne. Along with that comes embarrassing scarring. A simple solution is to supply the body with quality Essential Fatty Acids and Zinc. Usually, the solution is to put something topical on the face, which can lead to sensitive skin being burned. As me how I know that??!! Along with my own experience, my own two children are teenagers, and should be covered with zits, but as soon as they start getting zits, my first question to them is, “Are you taking your EA’s and Zinc?” I always get the answer, “No, mom.” As soon as they start taking it, the zits are gone faster than a toupee in the South Dakota winds :P.

If we focus on healing our bodies and providing what they need nutritionally, not only will we feel better, but we will look better too!