The Stinkin’ Truth About Acid Reflux


A huge problem for most of us as we age, is heartburn and acid reflux problems. I used to have it so bad, that even drinking water would start the painful burning! Pardon me if this is TMI, but I regularly had acid shooting up into my mouth. That’s a dreadful feeling and taste for sure!

When I went to the doctor, he prescribed a strong acid reducer. It worked sometimes, but as time went on, neither that, nor the OTC meds helped for long.

It’s easy to believe that if acid is shooting up into your mouth, or you’re clutching your chest in agony from heartburn, that your stomach is making way too much acid. That’s why a doctor will prescribe you an antacid – a medication to reduce acid in your stomach.

This is actually a horrible solution, because as you can see in my case, and other cases, the acid problem gets worse and worse.

Listen to what a friend of mine said about her GERD (acid reflux) and the medications that her doctor gave her:

“When I got up, I got the package inserts and stuff out for the medicine I’ve been taking for my acid reflux and was sitting at the kitchen table with it for a good while.  Bob (husband) asked me what I was doing and I said I was trying to decide if I was going to put that poison in my body today or not.  I finally decided not to take it and went and got one of my Pepcid Complete to take instead.  Why this decision, you ask?  Well, because, last night I happened to look down at my feet and I didn’t recognize them!!!!  My feet and ankles were swollen, and that can’t be a good thing!!  That was the final straw.  In the list of stuff that might happen (side effects), I’ve had muscle aches and cramps, bones hurting, itching (my left palm itches a lot lately), and now the swollen feet and ankles.”

If you see from what she said above, she grabbed the Pepcid that she used to take instead of the prescription, because it has less side effects than the prescription.  She’s terrified not to take anything because of the side-effects of going off the meds quickly, and the horrible discomfort of the heartburn.

What’s the shocker? Research shows that heartburn and acid reflux is due to your stomach not having enough acid in it, not too much!

So why does the acid come up into the esophagus and mouth? Well, when not enough acid is produced, the food that we eat ferments in our stomach, instead of digests.

I would hazard a guess that most people with heartburn and acid reflux are also constipated. When the food sits in your stomach and ferments, you will have gas and bloating.  The gas and bloating pushes the stomach up into the diaphragm, and then into the upper valve so that acid goes up into the esophagus.  There’s enough acid in this fermented mess to burn esophageal tissues leading to what is called “acid reflux” or heartburn.

The only way to make this situation better is to supplement your meals with HCI (hydrochloric acid). This is the exact same acid that your stomach makes. Especially when your adrenals are out of whack, your stomach quits producing the acid it needs to digest the food, leading to heartburn and the whole digestive mess that is very common to us as Americans.

HCI is readily available, and it only takes a few tablets along with your meals to end your digestive nightmare!

The best kind I’ve found is Metagest from the Metagenics Company. I take at least one with my meals, or if it will be a heavy meal, I take several.

So, back to my friend with the acid reflux problems…..did she listen to my advice? Even when I told her the relief I got from HCI? No she didn’t. She told me it was nice that I had gotten help, but she wasn’t interested. Am I discouraged? No, just dreading hearing more of her GERD stories….

What about you? Do you want to join me in actually digesting your food, instead of it sitting in your stomach fermenting into a smelly mess?

To your health,