Beci’s Story

Beci has been a friend of mine for a long time. She wanted to share her story with you, and hopefully will be an encouragement on your health journey!

I’m such an advocate of eating healthy as the #1 goal, then adding exercise as you can, especially if your weight has caused mobility issues. These two things will always work, 100% of the time. It might not be the fancy way of doing it, but it will always work when done correctly. So over to Beci….


“Hi, my name is Beci. I’m a 57 year old woman and I’ve struggled with my weight since forever, it seems. About a year ago I developed osteoarthritis (accompanied by high grade cartilage loss) in my knees.

Last October I ventured into the Gastric Bypass venue, thinking it was time. I was 319 then. If GBS is for you or has helped you, more power to you. I personally found all the information overwhelming. Even so, I talked to many friends about it, who had done the surgery.

In the end, several things made up my decision. First and foremost: my family and friends were more con than pro. Secondly, and this may seem silly, but not ever being able to chug water again (and I *love* water) really had me thinking “eh?”. But most importantly, I was told I had to lose 10# to qualify.

When I went back a month later I had lost 19#. I’m no stranger to losing and gaining weight. But this time, with my knees, I knew I needed to not only lose weight but also keep it off.

Losing that 19# was the jump start I really needed. How’d I do it? Funnily enough, exercising is almost out, due to my knees. So I’ve been asked countless times how I lost 50# by sitting on my butt. ­čÖé

I don’t really always sit. The dishes won’t do themselves. Nor will the laundry. Or the housecleaning. The body is a constant mass of motion. However, I did adopt the 20 Minute Meal ideal. That’s where you take small bites of your food, eat slowly, put your utensils down after every bite, drink lots of water before and during, and stop when you’re feeling satisfied and not full.

What do I eat? I have a limited budget so I’m not eating WW or Jenny Craig-type meals. I’ll have a small bowl of Rice Chex with fresh strawberries, plus a hard boiled egg for breakfast; a chicken/mayo/pickles/diced red grapes in a wrap for lunch; fish, rice and veggies for dinner. Just eat .. but eat only until you’re satisfied. Trust me, you’ll know.

No, don’t deny yourself. Once every six months I’ll treat myself to Caribou.The thing with eating well is that the stomach starts to acclimate itself to those things. When I had Caribou at my six month mark, I barely drank it.. the sweet was upsetting to my stomach. Now, I’m a HUGE fan of sweets. Or I was, before. If I feel a need now, I’ll find something. It’s usually a small bowl of vanilla yogurt and frozen fruit.

A biggie and a must: try to include some protein with every meal. Eat from┬ásalad size (8″) plates and not the regular size plates (10″). You’ll eat less.. but you’ll eat more of what’s good food you.

No, I’ve never taken drugs to help me lose weight, whether prescribed or OTC. Forget the doctors or what anyone else says — only YOU know your body and you can’t fight its stubbornness.

I’ve lost 50# … then nothing for two months. I never let it get to me…we all reach plateaus. Just keep doing the good stuff. Sure, I have a scale but I don’t let it consume me. I’ll step on it every couple of days, just for fun.

Don’t get discouraged. You have to love yourself *no matter what*. You are beautiful…always. One day at a time. You can do it! :)”

– Deborah Leaverton