Hi, my name is Deborah Leaverton. I’m a wife and mom, I homeschool my children, teach individual piano lessons, and have been an entrepreneur for the past 9 years.

My parents were always interested in natural health, some of which was fueled by their own health struggles, and even though they never found success for their chronic health problems, it put a desire in me to think that there was that possibility that the body can indeed heal itself when taken care of properly.

I’ve had so many failures as I’ve tried to deal with my own health problems that I’ve faced the past 15 years. My list includes severe fatigue, chronic debhilitating migraines, weight gain, depression, lots of stomach and gallbladder problems, panic attacks, and the list goes on.

For the past year and a half, I’ve had a great amount of success in dealing with my health problems naturally and have been losing weight — and keeping it off too! That really excites me, and I will be sharing my successes and failures with you on this blog. For more details about my journey, please visit my About Me ┬ápage.